The very last lottery you will ever take !

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Antimatter accident: 2 vote(s)

Spacetime continuum paradox: 1 vote(s)

Power outage: 1 vote(s)

World war / Nuclear war: 3 vote(s)

Natural catastrophe: 2 vote(s)

Alien invasion: 1 vote(s)

Animal riot: 1 vote(s)

Cosmic Impact (Asteroid collision): 2 vote(s)

End of the simulation (insert coin to continue): 1 vote(s)

Artificial pandemic (accidental, leak): 1 vote(s)

War pandemic (biological weapon): 1 vote(s)

Number of votes so far: 16

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Robots rebellion

Alien virus

Economic collapse

Robots rebellion

Alien invasion

Power outage

Natural catastrophe

Solar flare

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